Direct Mail Marketing for Chiropractors

Direct mail marketing can be a great way for a chiropractic office to develop new customers. The chiropractors can advertise an introductory special and in this way people who have back problems or aches and pains can come in and find out what is going on. It makes sense for new patients to come in for the introductory offer because preventative maintenance ahead of time can usually had off disaster is back problems later.

It behooves chiropractic offices to participate in direct-mail marketing programs by putting their discount coupons into mail out packages. When doing this it also makes sense to include those zip codes within a 25-mile radius in rural areas and a 15-mile radius within the city. Use direct-mail marketing and such discounts?

I would recommend doing it at least four times per year in those zip codes with in that radius, because people do not always opened these discount packages, but sometimes they do. Additionally, there will be new people moving into the area and replacing those people who have moved out of the area. This means a steady stream of new customers coming into the chiropractic clinic to replace the attrition of those people moving out of the area. Please consider all this in 2006.

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