Direct Mail for Rental Car Agencies

Car Rental Agencies need visitors and travelers to come and rent cars, but they also know that some of their business is local and therefore they need to be involved in the community and work with other businesses to refer them clientele. Companies like Car Lots, Auto Service Garages, Insurance Companies and Tow Companies too. Often these other business will provide them with additional leads for portential renters of their cars

But what if they want more? Well, how about a robust yet inexpensive advertising and marketing campaign to target all the local small businesses and residents nearby to tell them that they exist and have cars to rent at fair and reasonable rates?

It is recommended that rental car agencies use direct-mail and direct-mail marketing advertising in coupon packages. Rent-a-Car agencies should send these direct-mail packages out quarterly with weekend rate discounts to all the households with in a 15-mile radius.

Direct-mail marketing is an effective way to advertise and the cost is fairly low compared to other forms of advertising. Rental car agencies, which use direct-mail have been satisfied with the results and report excellent return on investment for this type of advertising. Please consider this in 2006.

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